Time Off From Work: What You Need To Know About Your Rights

Time Off From Work: What You Need To Know About Your Rights

In a perfect world, everything would go very smoothly in life, and you would never need to take a day off. Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world. And that means you will probably need to take a few days off throughout your career. You don’t have to worry about missing days at work, though – there are some that you are entitled to! Here is everything you need to know about your rights for taking time off work.

There Is No Legal Requirement To Offer Sick And Vacation Days

Did you know that there is no federal law that states companies and businesses have to offer their employees paid sick and vacation leave? Many people will be surprised to read that as it is often assumed it is a legal requirement. However, almost every company does offer their staff plenty of paid time off for vacations and sickness. It is in their best interest that they do. Otherwise, they would be perceived as a very nasty company to work for! So even though businesses lose money by giving you time off, most do so in order to keep their good reputations.

You Can Also Get Time Off For Bereavement

There is a big grey area when it comes to getting paid time off to deal with grief and a bereavement. Thankfully, almost all companies will offer you a few paid days off to cope with the situation. However, you shouldn’t expect them to give you too many! If you are finding it hard to negotiate paid time off, you could find it easier to request unpaid time off. This may not be the ideal situation, but at least you get some time away from work to cope with your loss. You can find a complete Bereavment leave guide online.

Companies Aren’t Obliged To Leave You Alone When You Are Off

Your company isn’t legally obliged to leave you alone whenever you are away from the office. Whether this is for a vacation or illness. So don’t be surprised if your phone starts buzzing with someone from the office on the other end! In fact, some companies will only give their employees time off as long as they agree to answer their mobiles or check their emails at least once a day. There is some good news, though. And that is not many employers do actually bother their employees when they are off. And that is because all good employers know that their staff need quality time off from work to help keep them productive when they are in the office.

Your Boss Is Allowed To Change Their Mind

Just because you have had your week off work approved for a few months doesn’t mean your boss can’t revoke his or her decision. So be aware that your boss has the right to revoke their decision at any given time. Even the day before you are due to leave on a big trip! And that also means you might get called back to the office midway during your vacation!