Incredible Tips That Will Help You Land A Laboratory Job

Incredible Tips That Will Help You Land A Laboratory Job

There are many people out there that choose to study science in university. This is a great career choice as there are many jobs available for graduates. Typically, scientific students tend to look for jobs in laboratories doing research, etc. As such, it can be hard to land one of these jobs because of the competition. To help you out, I have three tips that can get you a laboratory job:

Emphasise Your Love For Science

You aren’t going to land a laboratory job if you aren’t passionate about science. Most of the people that work in this field are scientists and have been for a long time. It can benefit you greatly if you show how much you love science during your application. Make sure your CV emphasises how much science fascinates you and how you want a scientific career. If you’re lucky enough to get an interview, then have answers planned for any science related questions. I’m willing to bet you’ll be asked why you want the job, or why the role interests you. Here is the perfect opportunity to talk about your passion for science. Employers will love this and you’ll be in a very good position to land a job.

Display A Knowledge Of Lab Equipment

One thing that can set you apart from others is if you display a working knowledge of lab equipment. Show off that you know how to use things like homogenisers and bunsen burners. Let your potential employers know that you understand the correct way to operate things. And, show that you know all of the proper safety procedures involved too. This puts you at an advantage as they won’t need to train you as much as they otherwise would. Training can waste time, so companies look to avoid it when they can. Even if you’ve never worked in a lab before, you can display this knowledge. Do your research, and also think back to your studies. Chances are you spent some time in a lab learning about things during your uni course.

Show Clear Teamworking Skills

All laboratory jobs revolve around the same thing; teamwork. It doesn’t matter what role you’re going for, or in what industry, you need to be able to work as part of a team. Failure to do this can be more damaging than in other jobs. If a lab team can’t work together, then there’s a risk of things going wrong. Mistakes can be made and bad chemical reactions can happen. You aren’t just putting the business in jeopardy; you’re putting coworkers health at risk too. So, if you can’t prove that your team working skills are up to scratch, you won’t get hired. Make sure you list off the reasons why you’re good in a team. And, provide evidence to back up each point. In an ideal world, you’ll have previous lab experience to use as evidence here. But, if you don’t, just think of other times you’ve worked in a team.

Make sure you take these tips on board when applying for a laboratory job. You’ll find it easier to get hired and start your scientific career.