Everything You Should Know Before Joining The Military

Everything You Should Know Before Joining The Military

Every year in the US thousands of young people sign up for the military. But joining the military is no walk in the park. It will be a challenge for practically anybody who wants to get involved, not to mention dangerous. This post is all about what you should know before you sign up. So let’s get started.

You’ll Gain Useful Skills

One of the biggest things that people who join the military talk about are skills. They learn to do all sorts of things, from cooking to engineering. But perhaps the most important skill is the ability to act under pressure. The very fact that you’ll be put in life or death situations forces you to change. You have to learn to cope with high levels of stress. And this can change you as a person, often for the better.

But there are also other opportunities to learn skills in the military. For example, you’ll be able to take part in fully pledged occupational training and be able to specialize. Perhaps you’ll want to become an expert in radar analysis. Or maybe you’d like to become a logistics specialist. These are all opportunities open to those who choose the military as a career, even if they are not front line jobs.

You’ll Lose Certain Rights

Joining the military isn’t like other jobs. Unfortunately, you can’t just quit when you’ve had enough. When you sign those papers, you really are signing your life away.

As http://militaryadvocate.com/ explains, one risk facing every soldier is court martial. These are in a sense military tribunals where soldiers don’t have the same rights as ordinary citizens. Thus, you should know that if you do join the military, you won’t be as free as regular citizens.

You’ll Become Fitter

We’ve all seen those videos of military boot camp. It looks tough, and it is. It might be the twenty-first century, but physical fitness is still a big part of being in the military. And it’s one of the biggest barriers for people looking to join.

These days, with so many people overweight, many fail to meet the military’s weight requirements. The majority of people need to lose upwards of 20lbs. And this means that many people looking to join the military face months of grueling training and weight loss.

You’ll Have To Have A Background Check

People with a criminal record has diminished job prospects. One place they often look for work is the military. But the military is still picky about who they take on. Recruiters will look through your criminal record and make a decision, based on your record.

You’ll Gain Discipline

Have you ever wondered how to ascend the ranks in the military? Through hard work and strict discipline. Discipline is the centerpiece of the military hierarchy. And so the military is not the sort of place for people with an anti-authority streak. In the military, if you want to get anywhere, you suck it up. You’ll have to learn to accept falling into line whether you like it or not.