What You Need To Know Before You Start A Career In Construction

What You Need To Know Before You Start A Career In Construction

On the face of it, a career in construction doesn’t seem too appealing. It isn’t as appealing as becoming a doctor or lawyer, for instance. Still, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t good reasons to get into the industry. The pay is competitive, and there are plenty of hours to work. If pay and work are all you want, construction is a great job.

However, construction isn’t always roses and picnics. Like any career, there are bumps in the road that you need to address before you make a final decision. After all, no one wants to find a nasty surprise when they start their new job. To make sure nothing surprises you, take a look at the list below. The list outlines everything you need to know about a career in construction.

You Need Qualifications

The days where you could get an apprenticeship and not to school are long gone. Don’t get it wrong, you can still get an apprenticeship. But, your apprenticeship will include a course that qualifies you to work on a construction site. Without these qualifications, you will struggle to get a job. Your best bet is to look for a trainee course that includes this aspect. Or, you can enroll in a course and look for a job afterward. It is your choice, but make sure you have the certificate whatever you choose.

You Will Start At The Bottom

Everything that people tell you about a career in the industry is true. Yes, the pay is good and the hours are reasonable. And, there is plenty of work to go around at the moment. However, that is when you have more experience. To begin with, you will start at the bottom of the ladder and have to work upwards. It is important to note this point because it will save you time applying for unrealistic job roles. Also, it is important to keep a perspective. The webpage https://behappy.me will help with that. Just because you are at the bottom of the food chain isn’t a bad thing as everyone starts at the bottom.

Experience Isn’t Always Necessary

One of the best things about the sector is the fact that you can find a job without any experience. An apprenticeship program is the best example. Companies will take on new recruits and out them through the scheme so that they learn and become a good worker. You don’t need anything but a can-do attitude and a will to work if you land an apprenticeship. The whole point of the process is to learn on the job, like a student at a university.

But It Will Get You Further

Still, it is always nice to have experience. The one thing that employers seem to love more than anything is a lot of experience. Rightly or wrongly, they assume that you have a grasp of the role if you are familiar. That is why it is a good idea to get it any way you can, especially if you want to make a good impression. Also, you can bypass the apprenticeship stage. Apprenticeships are a good idea, but they are a long and arduous process. Plus, they don’t pay very well, and you need money to pay the bills. Volunteering on a construction site is always a good way to get extra experience for your resume.

There Is A Variety Of Roles

You will often hear people say that work is boring. A lot of people will agree with that statement because work can get boring. It is different on a construction site, though. To begin with, there is a variety of roles. Even as a site manager, you can help with the general laboring side of the job. To be honest, there will always be a lot to remember when you are in a managerial position. But, those at the bottom tend to see different things each day. Similar jobs will crop up, yet there is always a good mix on a daily basis.

It Is Dangerous

Another reason construction work isn’t boring is because it is dangerous. With heavy machinery and hundreds of coworkers, anything can happen. It does happen sometimes, and people get injured. To be honest, this is an element of the job you have to accept before you set foot on the site. No matter the safety regulations, the potential for something to go wrong is ever present. If you are injured, you need to contact your union rep. Also, visit http://injuryflorida.lawyer/practice-areas/construction-accident and get in touch with a lawyer. You might be liable for compensation, which would help you through your injury. It won’t make you feel better physically, but it will give you peace of mind.

Your Skills Are Valuable Abroad

Don’t assume that your home town is the only place where they need construction workers. Construction workers are valuable all around the world, and that is a nice thought to keep in the bank. A good example is Australia. At the moment, tradespersons are a valuable commodity. The country is building more than ever, and they need the people to carry out the jobs. They also pay skilled tradesperson a very good wage. In fact, the wage is often double what you would find anywhere in your home country. True, the standard of living is higher, but it isn’t twice the amount. Lots of graduates have served their time and emigrated abroad for a bit of the good life. Consider that an option if it sounds plausible.

Tight Deadlines

The nature of the industry at the minute means you won’t be able to appreciate your work. As soon as you finish one job, you will move onto the next one and so on. Contractors haven’t got time to waste, and you will need to be able to work to these deadlines. Those that can’t get left behind and replaced. Don’t think that it is an industry where you can take your time and work your way in because that isn’t the case. You will need to hit the ground running from the beginning.

Now that you know, is construction a career you will consider?