How to Land Your Dream Job

How to Land Your Dream Job

We all have a dream job, whether it’s an astronaut or a PA. It often changes throughout our lives. As we get older, our aspirations and experiences change. As a result, our jobs change too. Whatever your ideal job is, follow our simple guide to recruitment success.

Check the Requirements

The first place to start is to find suitable vacancies and check out their requirements. What qualifications do you need? Is there any specific training involved? What personal qualities are they looking for? Read through a range of job specifications and build up a picture of typical requirements.

Now ask yourself whether you possess the relevant qualifications, skills, and personal qualities. Are there any gaps? If so, the next step is to take steps to plug those gaps.

If you’re still studying, it’s a good idea to write to a few different companies and ask what they look for when recruiting for this position. 

Get Serious About Your Resume

It’s time to get serious about your resume. Go through it in detail and ensure it provides a good account of your background, skills and qualifications.

  1. Keep the format simple and easy to read. Don’t use fancy fonts that will distract from the message. Use a standard business font like Arial.
  1. Be concise and write professionally. Stick to the facts and don’t include unnecessary detail.
  1. Focus on the positives. Highlight your skills, achievements, and accomplishments. If you have studied additional courses with transferable skills then make sure they are included. For example, you’re looking for a customer services position and have completed several acupuncture courses. A course such as this would give you the talent of liaising with customers on a more relaxed, calm level. Future employers may love to know that you are committed to working hard and finish what you started.
  1. Include any work experience you have received that will be relevant to the position.
  1. Proofread your resume carefully before sending it. Ask someone to check it for you if possible.

Write a Killer Covering Letter

Many people fail to make the most of their covering letters. They include a couple of lines about the job they’re applying for and refer to their resumes. What a wasted opportunity. Your covering letter is your chance to create a link between the job description and your skill set. It should include information that you wouldn’t normally add to your CV. It is also likely to form the company’s first impression of you. Make it count.

The Interview

The interview will be the clincher. Make sure you make the most of it.

  1. Do your research. It is likely you have researched the company already before applying for the role. Go a little deeper to get a full picture of the business and department.
  1. Make a list of likely questions and prepare your answers. Look online for typical interview questions and ask friends and family.
  1. Practise your interview skills with a friend or careers advisor.
  1. Make sure you are punctual but not too early.
  1. Dress smartly according to the company’s dress code.
  1. Shake hands with the interviewers as you enter the room. Make a mental note of their names.
  1. When answering questions, make eye contact and use names if it is natural to do so.
  1. Ask questions to show your interest in the position.
  1. Before leaving, thank the interviewers for their time.

What if You’re Not Successful

You can’t win them all. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, things don’t work out. Be polite and courteous and ask for feedback. This may help you to get the next job you apply for. Remember to thank them for the opportunity and reiterate your interest should anything else open up.

Don’t be disheartened if you’re not successful straight away. Be determined and keep on trying. Review and revise your applications and interview strategy. Your dream job could be just around the corner.