To Wear Make-Up, Or Not To Wear Make-Up

To Wear Makeup or Not To

To get ahead in any career you need to have undeniable skills and talents and are able to grow and evolve into the role with time.  However, the rate at which you escalate your career progression and your seniority, depends on both your skills but also your appearance and demeanor.  People in positions of authority are ultimately representatives of a company.  They are the faces of a business, and the truth is that most businesses want someone who looks and acts the part to represent them.

People are judgmental and are quick to draw conclusions based on what they see, as opposed to what they know to be true.  This is no different in the workforce, in fact it’s probably more evident.

Assuming you have the skills to be successful in your area of expertise, then to advance your career, wearing make-up is probably going to help you get there faster, but it’s not make-up alone that will do the trick.  It’s about redefining your entire professional look and disposition.

If you have to go shopping for a suit or new pieces of clothing, and some new make-up and accessories, then do it.  You are your product, and you need to sell your product.  Doing what makes you feel empowered will help you set aprecedent for yourself and for others.  Confidence is obvious, so choose what works for you and make your career what you want it to be.  The power is in your hands.

Few make-up tips for newbies:

Try a mineral powder foundation.  It provides a natural, light coverage, while evening out your skin tone.  Marry that with a bronzer and/or blush, with a sweep of non-waterproof mascara and a lip gloss or shine lipstick.

A good look incorporates:  Avon smooth minerals powder foundation, A Flower Affair Sheer Powder blush by Revlon, bronzer by Lorac, Loreal Volume Million Lashes mascara in black, and Plum Dandy lipstick by MAC.  This is a look that works well on most skin types and isn’t too heavy or difficult to master.

The key to evolving your look is experimentation.  Use the weekends or social events to play with different colors and textures and see what makes you feel good.  Watch experts on You Tube for tips, but ultimately I do strongly believe that people who are talented, but who also make a concerted effort to look polished and professional get to the top faster than those who don’t concern themselves with their appearance as much.