Is Using Online Resume Builder A Good Idea

Is Using Online Resume Builder A Good Idea

Why, should you ask…

Let’s think from a business perspective. The price is right, and it sure is pretty. If you think this is true, then thousands, or even millions of other people have the same adage. What a deal! No money, little work, and voila! A professional resume.  But let’s get a little bit under the hood, so to speak. Let’s say I am a marketing grad and I am looking for a job in online marketing or social media.

Let’s sign up for one of the online resume builders and see what we can accomplish.

As we can “clearly” see, there are some good boilerplate qualifications at your fingertips. Isn’t it great? Just insert a reasonable number of these “achievements” and there, you have  your professional resume. And in fact, to the uninitiated, a resume like that would seem OK. At least it would seem better than most of us can come up on our own.

But let’s take another side of the table perspective. The hiring manager, or a recruiter. Can you imagine how many thousands of these examples of non-existing creativity and questionable work ethics they receive every day? If resume building companies grow like mushrooms, then their patron base is growing just at about the same speed, and flooding the desks and hard drives with these sorry admissions of the applicant’s laziness or at best naiveté.

To make matters worse, most people would pick the top two or three boiler plate answers from the drop down, making their resume even more cookie-cutter and looking identical to the other thousands of uninitiated resume builder users.

Well, you would say, I can customize these boiler plate phrases to make it more tailored to my own experience. You could, no one argues that fact, but do you?

A resume is your persona on paper, or lately, in digital format. Not one pair of irises is identical to another pair, and we’ve been told that not one fingerprint is identical to another person’s, so it must be logical to assume that not one resume can be identical, or largely similar to another. A resume is an expression of you. And only you can portray your personality, your work persona, and your unique experiences in a way that best represents your identity.

I should make a caveat here that great personalized resume services will do better job representing your uniqueness than you could, only because they are professionals. But these services are not easy to find and they are very, very pricey, for a good reason.

So, where do where go from here? I still maintain that you should not use free or paid resume builders. These tools are convenient, but they guide you down the wrong path, they seduce you with the promise of ease and less work, but the end result will be extremely disappointing, and that is wasted time, false hopes, and lost wages (the ones that you do not earn while unemployed).