Planning A Mechanic Career? Here Are Your Options!

Job As A Mechanic

The mechanic industry has never been more popular, and it’s a great career path to take. As more and more technology is released, more and more technology needs to be repaired, and that’s where you come in.

Different kinds of mechanics are needed by different companies the world over, and it can be hard to know which avenue to take. Do you enter vehicular repair, aircraft servicing or heavy vehicle maintenance? How do I get there? Choosing any career in any field is tough, and the same is true here.

So, to give you an overview of your options, here are some of the mechanical careers available to you today. As is the case with any job hunt, you need to manage the fear of failure and focus on where you want to be!

  1. Automotive Servicing And Repair

Probably the most common kind of mechanic, and one you may have used if you own a car. Your job here will to be inspect cars for faults, repair those faults, and conduct services like MOTs. As well as being familiar with diagnostic tools, you’ll need a strong understanding of physical tools, like wrenches.

This industry is valued at $880 billion per annum, so it’s absolutely huge. Chances are, you have a friend or family member who does something similar or even owns a garage themselves. That’s where I’d recommend you start, too. Unlike a lot of jobs, automotive servicing experts will really only learn via hands on experience.

There are so many types of maintenance you could specialize in, too. You could be an air con expert, you could focus on transmissions or brakes, or you could focus on wheel alignment and balance. There are dozens of colleges and apprentice schemes that offer work in this sector, so seek one out for some experience first.

  1. Aircraft And Aviation Equipment Mechanic

Jumping from one vehicle to another, this type of mechanic revolves around the aircraft space. The increase in the number of commercial flights over the years has resulted in a lot of required expertise in this sector, and that could be you.

Because today’s aircrafts are so complex, you’ll need to be an expert in the maintenance of vehicles such as helicopters and jets. Being an aviation mechanic involves the repair of equipment used on planes themselves, from radars to radio systems.

You’ll need to get an airframe and powerplant certificate from the FAA, which makes you eligible to conduct aircraft repairs. Much like car mechanics, this job requires a lot of hands-on experience. So that should be one of your priorities.

  1. Heavy Vehicle Mechanic

Heavy vehicles include diggers, trains, and other kinds of construction equipment. As with cars, you’ll be maintaining transmissions, brakes, and any and all components relating to the vehicles. Because these vehicles are so large and are used so often, their faults are many, so you’ll need to be pro at identifying them.

You’ll also need to be comfortable traveling to construction sites around the country to conduct large scale repairs. Most building companies will own more than one kind of vehicle, so they tend to have them serviced simultaneously.